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A functional webshop is coming soon!

For now, you can find a list of products below.

Interested in a product or multiple? Contact me on or send me a message on instagram @maico_sport

SABER sweet spot trainer

The Saber is an on-court training aid that plays like a normal tennis racket but with a much smaller head size. This unique design with its 37 sq. inch head forces players to focus on ball tracking, optimise footwork, and execute a clean, efficient swing to connect with the ball. 

Made from a composite material in the same world-class factories as other major brands it comes in a weight of either 300 grams or 265 grams or the new shorter 240 grams version. One coach has said "Straight out of the bag, it feels expensive and very well made"


Using it for just 10 minutes as part of your normal warm-up routine will make you a much more consistent player, winning those points that make a difference in matches.

Players have said it's a “game-changer” providing a “great feel” and a “must-have for every coach and serious player”. 

There is no need to change your grip or adjust your playing style to be efficient, simply swap your racket for the saber and you will feel at home right away. We’ve had a top International Junior playtest, and his dad reported back “he doesn’t want to play with his normal racket anymore!”.

Available in the following customizations:


(300 grams unstrung 312 grams strung, L2)


(265 grams unstrung 277 grams strung, L1)


(240 grams unstrung, L0, for kids playing with 25/26 inch rackets)

all rackets have a string pattern of 12x12 and come strung!

additional benefit: you can easily restring your SABER as well!


Tennis Rackets

The racket together with the string is one of the most important decisions that can affect your playing style. I believe that choosing a racket is of great importance and strive to give you the best quality! I will give you personal advice based on your playing style and capabilities. 

The brands available at the moment: 





Interested in getting the right racket for you? don't hesitate to contact me! 

Tennis Balls

In tennis we mainly have 2 types of balls pressurized and not pressurized. In addition to these we have beginner (kids) balls categorized in:

Red (up until age 8) 

Orange (ages 8-10)

Green (ages 10-12/13) 


All kinds of tennis balls are available!

The brands available at the moment: 





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