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Physical Training

The importance of specific physical training and development of movement patterns is often neglected by many tennis coaches during a regular tennis training. That is why I provide (next to my regular tennis training) additional physical training. This is a more in depth personalized approach to help you move better on court and develop your full movement potential. 

Important to know is that this form of training isn't just specific for teenagers/adults. This form of training is also beneficial for young kids to develop the basic forms of movement. This development will be beneficial for their physical development in later stages of their life and applicable to any sport. 

With physical training I take multiple things into account including, but not limited to: different training principles, personal goals, body composition, periodization,  and previous injuries.

Types of Physical training:

These types of training can be both on and off court



Injury Prevention

Strenght & Power


Speed & Agility


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