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Monday Mindset Series #1

Monday 25-09-2023

Monday, often viewed as the reluctant start to the (work) week, has earned a reputation for being a day of low energy and diminished motivation. However, this perspective overlooks the untapped potential of this day. In reality, Mondays represent a fresh start, an opportunity to set the tone for the week ahead. In this new series, "Monday Mindset," each week, we'll delve into the importance of the mindset around Mondays, explore actionable strategies to kickstart your week with purpose, and I'll share some of my favorite videos and ways to kick off the week!

Now let's dive into the first two ways to kickstart your Monday!

1. Embrace the Fresh Start Mentality

Monday, in my mind, offers a clean slate—an opportunity to leave behind the shortcomings and challenges of the previous week. Embrace this new beginning with a positive mindset and focus on the possibilities that lie ahead. Every week is filled with new possibilities, but you have to choose to see them. If you start your week in a negative way and believe that nothing is going to go your way, spoiler alert: nothing is going to go your way. But if you choose to believe that the upcoming week is filled with new possibilities and good things, then they will come your way. This is called 'the law of attraction'; you get what you attract.

2. Set Clear, Attainable Goals

Begin your week with a clear sense of purpose. Define achievable goals that align with your long-term objectives. Break these goals down into manageable tasks, and create a roadmap to track your progress. This approach provides a sense of direction and empowers you to tackle each day with purpose. Creating these goals and tasks will also help in feeling more fulfilled, motivated, provide a clear mind on what to do, and provide structure.

It helps to write down your goals and tasks and tick them off when they are done. These days you have all kinds of apps that can help you with this or (if you are old school) you can write them down in a notebook and tick them off physically. If you want to make it more fun (for example for kids), you can work with color markers or even fun stickers to tick off tasks.

Replacing the negative connotation

Creating a positive mindset around Monday takes time and repetition in order to change it. You have to replace the negative connotation with a positive one. So, if you have a thought along the lines of: "damn tomorrow is Monday again", try to catch yourself and replace it with a thought along the lines of: "Tomorrow is Monday again, can't wait to see what opportunities the new week is going to bring." Over time, this will replace the negative emotions associated with Monday with positive ones!

Next week, we'll dive further into the Monday mindset!

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