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Bijgewerkt op: 6 jun. 2023

Hi there, and welcome to my new and improved website WITH A BLOG!!! I have been debating for a while if I wanted to start writing a blog, and decided that this was a good time to start!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

I am extremely excited to start sharing my passion for tennis and sports with you.

My goal with this website is to promote tennis and provide all tennis players and athletes with relevant information, tips and tricks, mindsets, and everything else that I believe will benefit you.

A bit about my background: I started playing tennis when I was seven years old, and ever since the sport got a hold of me, I have always wanted to play and be on the court. I was super driven and competitive, and I wanted to be the best. Somewhere in the next few years, I got the idea that I wanted to become a pro player, but I lacked match experience. Knowing this, combined with a drive to explore the world, I made the decision to go study abroad in the USA. I spent four years at McKendree University, where I learned a lot, played a ton of matches, and practiced for hours a day. After four amazing years, I graduated Cum Laude with a B.B.A. in Sport Management and a minor in leadership!

After my collegiate career, I decided to play tennis full-time in the Netherlands. During this period, I played in national tournaments, ITF Futures, and trained at some of the best academies in the country. I also started this business to work alongside my aspiring professional career. Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to everything, and everyone had a tough time. Suddenly, my whole weekly routine and tournaments came to a stop. During this time, I decided to get my coaching degrees with the KNLTB. Most of my time was spent working on my business, stringing rackets, and teaching tennis, as well as a lot of physical training at home. Coming back after the COVID years was tough, and I got some bigger injuries that sidelined me for a long time. Together with personal and financial reasons, I had to stop playing full-time.

I have always been a curious person and interested in almost everything. Around the time I turned 15/16 years old, I also became super interested in self-development. I began reading books and watching online classes and videos. Especially during the COVID time, I could spend a lot of spare time developing myself. I became especially interested in stoic philosophy. I believe that we can learn from everything and anyone, and that we are never finished learning.

With this blog, I want to share my passion and ideas with you, but I also look forward to hearing and learning from you. So, please let me know what you think or what has helped you, and feel free to share your thoughts with me! Since this is my first time blogging, any tips and tricks are also welcome.

- Maico

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